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The Barleyshakes formed in Dublin in 1995 then the band moved to the Sunshine coast in Australia in 2000. The Barleyshakes music is irish at it core with tasteful interpretations modern influences.
Irish expat Alan Kelly has spent the best part of twenty years establishing himself on both sides of the globe as a writer of genuinely touching, honest and gritty songs. He’s also got a healthy dose of the kind of irreverence that turns good music into great.

The Barleyshakes have headlined international festivals and toured many parts of the world in various forms. They’ve been based in Australia since headlining the 2000/2001 edition of the world famous Woodford Folk Festival and contributing the talents of two members to Peter Jackson’s “The Fellowship of the Ring” academy award winning soundtrack.

The tradition of Irish music is long, deep and wide and remarkably brilliant. That the Barleyshakes manage to hold hands with this awesome history while simultaneously infusing it with a fresh and contemporary spirit is remarkable.
They’ve always done it that way but with each new album those bonds are strengthened and illuminated in ways that make you wonder where they will take them next.